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image Most images you see under GRRH are photos I have taken at various events in the Houston area. I am hoping that others will share their photos which I will be happy to add. If you are not familiar with GRRH "Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston",áit is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing Golden Retrievers. Rescuing is just the beginning of what these little angels need. So much is done behind the scene with volunteers and fosters who all restore their health and spirit.áOnce this is accomplished,áthe Golden angel is ready for adoption.áHaving personal involvement, Iásee that the volunteers of this group give untold hours each day to help. Their reward? Making sure that all dogs have a safe, happy, foreveráhome. A home where they will be aálife long familyámember.

I can not stress enough how important the work is that theávolunteers do. The hours they give are theirs to donate, but without financial donations to áGRRHáthis work is impossible. Please view the photos of all the Golden lives that were changed by volunteers and your donations. We would really appreciate your help.

Photo Books

image All Photo Books are produced by ourápublishing company, áAspen Leaf Books. We dedicate this site to our photography used primarily for Photo Books. We offer a wide array of graphic services including those often requested for a new book or updating an older book to include photos and or graphics.

If you have a favorite photo or photos, and would like to turn them into something very special, our graphic artists are at your disposal to make that happen.


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